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About Us

  • Project Overview

    GloballyCompetent.org is a project that encourages cross-cultural exposure and success by providing skills development in the USA and SE Asia.

  • Team Based Learning

    Leveraging frameworks that encourage experiential team learning, the modules, materials and assignment suggestions utilized are meant to foster learning, understanding and change.

  • For Students & Staff

    The project is geared toward next-generation leaders, including university staff and students, to encourage competencies related to succeeding in multi-cultural environments.

Team Based Learning

Based on the concept of group learning through "Friendship Corners", our approach uses a collaborative, small-group style meeting, learning and development platform. This team-based learning method is intentionally designed to feel like a group of friends meeting instead of a classroom.

How it Works

Using either a semester style schedule or intensive camp/retreat format. staff or students from participating institutions or organizations join a cohort to discuss a topic with the guidance of a facilitator.

A session is typically about 90 minutes long. The session is moderated in English. The main topic is introduced in English and participants further discuss in a "round table" format or join a break out session for further discussion. Typically a a snack is provided (like fresh brownies or chocolate chip cookies!), and a conclusion is provided at the end of the session. Online sessions are held by zoom, allowing participants to join across time-zones and geographical boundries.

Skill Development Focus Areas

Here are a few areas that participants can expect to be challenged for growth:


The program helps to develop personal skills related to such areas as communication, creative and critical thinking, time management, and stress.


Cross-cultural team development includes learning how to use negotiation skills, manage teams, and provide leadership.


Using the Lewis model of culture, our program provides insight into how to identify three primary culture zones and to better understand and collaborate cross-culturally.


Learning how to judiciously navigate sustainability in a changing global environment, this program challenges the next-generation to make a lasting impact for current and future generations.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Our Team
With our team having experience ranging from corporate, government, non-profit and academic domains, investing in the next generation is a passion. From proven skill-sets ranging from English as a Second Language (TESL/ESL) to STEM (e.g. 3D printing and information technology), the curricula layout of group sessions reflects an awareness of the importance of successful relationships in a dynamic global environment.

Our Values
Working across cultures we recognize that a multi-cultural approach is important to participating in the global community. Our team affirms traditional values and family structures as a key component to healthy societies, and we value community friendly business principles, critical thinking skills, and positive, long-term partnerships.
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If you would like the opportunity to have a Friendship Corner class or camp at your institution, contact us so we can start a conversation. Space and opportunties are limited.

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